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Promotions & Demotions Updated 1/12/2020

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@Psyancy Promoted to Global Moderators  Reason : Really cares about

@Rationale Promoted to L2J Developers  Reason : Suitable for this position.

@Pucca Promoted to Discord Moderators Reason: Suitable for this position

@DragonicPromoted to Jr Moderators Reason: Trial Period he trying to help 

@DragonicDemoted to Normal Members Reason: trial expire / Inactive 


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    • Website        l         Discord          l          Facebook                                                          GRAND OPENING : 8.4.2021 TOP CLASS DDOS Protection Bot Protection     1.TOP 2 CLANS REWARD : 100 USD!! 2.ADEN - GIRAN SIEGE REWARD : 100 USD!! 3.Register your clan to our website and get lvl 7 clan With clan skills 4.discord : Get VIP from Discord Event!       Hello everyone. We are very close on our opening and its a very crucial moment for us because we worked very hard to give you a well set Gameplay and balanced Economy with action, competition and much fun. Our team have many experience with L2 and development of it and  we guarantee thats wont be another P2P copy pasta server. Style:  No P2W,Events, Dungeons, Farm Solo-Mass, Raiding, Mass-PvP, Solo PvP, Clan PvP, Great-Balanced-Fun-Nice Competitive Gameplay**. We hope to see you online. Experience (EXP)300x - from lvl 76 exp: 20% (Players can take fast exp for 76 lvl and up from PvP Zone!) Party 1.5x Adena 50x SealStones: x20 Normal Scroll Chance Weapon 55% Normal Scroll Chance Armor 50% Blessed Scroll Chance Weapon 60% Blessed Scroll Chance Armor 55% Crystal Scroll Chance 40% (Obtainable only from Grandbosses with low Quantiny)     Grind Quests (Required)   Gather The flames: x9 (In order to collect Tortches you must kills mobs at fog. 1200 Torches Required to take S Weapon Recipe!)   The Zero Hour: x8 (In order to collect Stakato fangs you must kill mobs at Stakato Nest. 1000 Fangs Required to take all materials for a s weapon or a s fullarmor-Jewels   Enchance Your Weapon In order to lvl up soul Crystal you must kill mobs at pi (25%chance until lvl10) T-Rex at pi From 10 to 12lvl (30%chance whole party) and All raidbosses - Grandbosses to lvlup to 13 (100% chance whole Party)     VIP Status Rates Experience (EXP):  x 1.5 Adena :  x 1.5 Augument rates : + 5 % Enchant Rate + 2% ViP Global chat with ^ VIP Costume .dressme     Only 1 Passive OR 1 Active. HIGH GRADE CHANCE: 5%TOP GRADE CHANCE: 10% Boss Jewels  are Obtainable From Grandbosses (Frintezza, Baium Ant Queen are Obtainable also  from raidbosses(AQ), Dungeons(Baium),  Olympiad(Frintezza) Community Board  Free Buffbook Buffs Duration   -   2 Hours Buffs Slots     -  26 + 4  From Divine Inspiration books (Dropable From Bosses)                       GMSHOP - (until A Grade Unsealed Armors/jewels and A Grade Weapons Without Special Abillity)           Geodata And Pathnodes         Improved economy               Offline Shop - Craft                         Auto Learn Skills               Auto Learn Loot  Noblesse need to kill barakiel to take your party nobless or farm for noblesse item  You can change your Class for free without any quest                  Wedding System                     Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP)        PvP Armor. Upgrade your armor with PvP Abillity. obtainable by killing PvP Raidbosses custom starting items (Best No grade) Clan Leaders Colored Tittle Bank System Server Time on login olympiad period end date and time on login Raidbosses Announcer Show HP-CP for the player that killed you .inspect feature - See targets equipment Heavy system Restriction 2 Healers Max At PARTY Custom Cancel -  Skills recovery after 10 sec FOI - REDUCED time from 30 sec to 10 sec Skill Enchant Custom Rates max enchant +10 Killing Spree System No heals at raidbosses and mobs vote manager                     Raidboss Zone Limit                           Grandboss Auto flagged areas Top PvP, Castle owners login announce           Castle Manager            AIO subclass     Olympiad period every 5 days Ranking update after every match Skill refresh Before And After match Hero Skills are deleted for balance only Heroic Valor will work. New Olympiad Shop. you can buy more items with Nobless gatepass (like Frintezza Necklace and More)  The Olympiad begins every day at 20:00 and ends at 00:00 AM (GMT+2)                                                                .dressme vip Command .deposit .withdraw .inspect (see your targets equipment)      Will be 4 Siegable Castles Giran Castle - Every Thursday 20 :00 Gmt +2 Aden Castle -Every Friday 20 :00 Gmt +2 Rune Castle - Every Saturday 20 :00 Gmt +2 Goddard Castle Every Thursday 20 :00 Gmt +2   CLANS Alliance Limit: 0 clan - Disabled No Clan Penalty. Max clan members : 30 To learn clan skills you  need reputations Points and Clan Eggs dropable from bosses Clan points Earned From Killing WARS.  L2 Naga Areas   Forge of The Gods (Lower And Valakas Lair). Drops: (Ancient Adena - Gather the flames Quest for Weapon Recipe )  Accessed through GateKeeper. Players can kill the mobs to Earn seal stones,Enchant Scrolls and Torches From Gather The Flames Quest. You Can Exchange Torches For Weapons Recipes From Blacksmith Rooney next to Vulcan.     Stakato Nest - Chaos Area (3 Spots). Drops: (Stakato Fangs, Interlude Weapons) Accessed through GateKeeper.By entering this area When you hit mobs you become Flaged. Players can kill the mobs to Earn Stakato Fangs from Quest (The Zero Hour) And Interlude Weapons(Low Chance To Drop) with Stakato fangs you can buy all materials to craft items and more from stakato shop.     Primeval Isle (4 Spots) Drops: (Best Adenas droprate, LvL up Soulcrystal until Stage 12), Lifestones) Accessed through GateKeeper. All players can kill mobs To lvlup Soulcrystals Stage until stage10 (25% chance) And Tyranosaurus to get stage12 (30% chance) High Ls Drops From mobs (mid chance) and TOP LS Only From Tyranosaurus. Also its Best Place To collect Adenas.    Instances     Naga Dungeon Instance You Can RegisterEvery 12 Hours. 1 solo and 1 with party( 3 members max). More balanced drops also. You Have A chance to take baium ring!   Enchant/Exp Zone Instance Inside this Instance you can enchant an item that you equip until +3 also you can take best exp when you are lvl76+. Instance Change Map Every X hours. Healers classes not allowed dont loose buffs from death flagzone   RaidBosses 16 Raids 3 Bosses with  6-8 hours respawn time (great drops) 6 Bosses with 4-6 hours respawn time(good drops) 6 Bosses with 2-4 Hours respawn time (PvP Armor Upgrade Item)(fair drops) Barakiel Respawn time 7-9 Hours  (the party that do last hit will take nobless) GrandBosses Core - Respawn time :  23  Hours Orfen - Respawn time: 23  Hours  Queen Ant - Respawn time: 23  Hours  Zaken - Respawn time: 37 Hours Baium - Respawn time: 37 Hours  Antharas - Respawn time - 59 Hours  Valakas - Respawn time - 72 Hours    Tournament Event Raid In The Middle Fortress Siege And Many GM Events! Full Buffs from Buffbook And Community Board. Completely FREE! Clan Community at CB Global Gatekeeper Dungeon Instance Teleporter GM Shop Voting Npc Merchant Shop Fangs Exchanger Siege Manager Class Manager Skill Enchanter Augumenter Warehouse Keeper Top PvP  Top Clan Raidboss And Grandboss Respawn Times and Drops