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      Hi I'm a spanish guy who is streaming mostly Lineage 2, LoL and Football Manager. Maybe PES too.
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      My name is Thanos im new streaming section , games im currenlty playing  GTA V [FiveM]  Lineage 2  Dying light   
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      HELLO you are watching the fucking best streamer ItsNikolasBitches quality stream how to own dawgs in l2 
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      My name is Matina , I'm from Greece city Athens, i'm 24 years old . Since 2017 living in germany.I started playing at the age of 12 Lineage and then I started league of legends, Hearthstone,Valorant
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      My name is tasos, i'am 23 years old and i'am from greece.I will stream PUBG, Lineage II .
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  • Samoth

    Hi I'm a spanish guy who is streaming mostly Lineage 2, LoL and Football Manager. Maybe PES too.
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DreamGalaxy - Rust Private Server by GameLag team is coming.

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Hello GameLagers.

I've recently got addicted to Rust but it was very hard as a new comer on this game to learn everything when you get killed naked on spawn.

So i decided i would make a private server for GameLag community.


Some information about the server:

  • The server will be whitelisted, meaning you will need to gain access to the server. The reason i'm making it this way is because i wanted to be a more friendly enviroment and the only way to do that was only by controlling who joins the server.
  • There will be some rules that need to be followed in order to join the server. More info on that soon, at the moment server is at development stage.


Some of the features currently added on the Server:

  • BetterChat addon added. A more organized and nice looking chat.
  • All Gathering materials drops increased x3 for dispenser|pickup|quarry.
  • Barel, Boxes and in general loots x3 and also added up to 8 Items drop.
  • Stack Size of materials increased for the main resources.

More information you can find on our Official Discord Server.

Untill then see you around. Have Fun!


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