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  1. I agree. For anyone that wants to start on a low rate with 1 client at a time. This is the opportunity to start on this server
  2. DISCLAIMER: I am not the owner of the server or have any connection to the dev team. I just advertise the server for more people. Welcome to L2Etina! Grand opening is on 1/1/2021 We are very excited to finally announce L2Etina, Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client like no other. There are a lot of cool features that you have never seen before in really well polished package. It took us really long time to prepare server that doesn't add new skills or changes to formulas and gameplay, while having completely redesigned look and lots of new cool features. L2Etina combines the best features of both, New Game Client and Great Old Interlude, all of that in 800mb patch. We didn't stop at this though, we have added a lot of new features like Guide for new Players, Seed Auction which improves Manor, Item Search window that shows everything you need to know without leaving the game and much more. We are really excited what you guys think, please let us know! L2Etina Gameplay Trailer Rates: Experience: 3x Skill Points: 2x Adena Drop: 2x Seal Stones Drop: 2x Other Rates: 1x Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant: +3 Safe Enchant Full-Armor: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Enchanting Chance: 66% Skills: Skills learned by Skills Panel Spell Books are required for Skill Learning Retail amount of Buff Slots Retail Buff Duration Skills can be enchanted by Skills Panel Small Changes: Game Accounts can be created by Account Panel on No Dual Box No Auto Pick Up Siege of each castle takes place every 2 weeks Heroes are selected every 2 weeks Seven Signs competition takes place from monday to friday, while result period is running through Saturday and Sunday Classic Game Client: Modern look of the game Improved performance No Critical Errors Tons of new Game Settings and Interface Windows Damage on the Screen Healths Bars Mail Radar Cloaks Party Tokens Skill Learning Panel New Skills Enchanting Items on Chat Npc Debuff Info Improved Clan Notice Editing ALT+B Buff Cancelling Quick Status Actions Exp Bar and redesigned Main Menu Friend Manager Quest Areas on the Map Redesigned Character Creation Clan Ranking Redesigned Past Olympiad Ranking Colorful System Messages No Adena Limit Custom Features: Guide Window provides all important information about Lineage II and L2Etina Soul Crystal Window shows which monsters you need to hunt and which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon Bot Reporting Function and Smart Guard provides playing without Bots Item Search window allows you to find every possible source of getting item that you are interested in Buff Store allows automatic buff sales Offline Private Store Sales Seed Auction allows everyone to take part in manor Epic Zones give automatic PvP Flag Vampiric Rage effects are decreased while hitting multiple monsters at once Shady Man allows to purchase info about respawn of Subclass Raid Bosses & exchanges Pipette Knife for Red Pipette Knife SITE: FORUM: DISCORD: Beta Testing 25.12.2020 Grand opening is on 01.01.2021
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