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  1. And all this because i mentioned that you're a bad developer? Thats not my opinion. Thats fact I can start posting codes of yours if you disagree. Amazing work for a 10 year developer. https://pastebin.com/rE5pwreU In addition of your sentence: "Consider changing staff, in your case i would try to make friends and not enemies", i would like to inform you that we prefer having 0 traffic on this forum than a wannabe developer like you that 10 year is copying commits of L2J.
  2. Sunrise as a project is really poor and nobody going to use it anyway. True the topic is nothing special since sources are shared everywhere. PS. This is more like an advertise for your project since he even provided link of your website.
  3. Whats the point of this comment? It's a share, no sell topic.
  4. Ελα τελος το spam και οι δυο γιατι σας βλεπω viral στο youtube και θα βρω προφιλς και φωτο και κανω καλο edit
  5. Τι γλυκουλια που ειστε. Ουτε ζευγαρι ετσι.
  6. Thanks Also prefer http://www.pastebin.com/ for your XML structure cause users need to scroll down long time. Also is your XML incomplete or?
  7. When you cut out a character or an object from a picture and you set a background make sure to match the color and the lighting. Her hand for instance is almost white and full brightness while the background is dark. Also her left side of the body is covered in lighting while background light's source is on top-center of the picture. I would suggest you to re-edit and make the light match the character or match the character with the background. Light is the first thing we check in a picture even if is 2D or 3D
  8. Behave both of you. This is a 6.9/10 work. @Kawamatsu I'm pretty sure you get the secret joke here.
  9. The whole thing of you doing programming is a meme. I'm lookin foward.
  10. And i would like to see you writting java.
  11. Hey thank you for share but prefer writting in english so other members can understand too
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