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  1. share Police Radio on Command

    Police Radio On Command V1.2



    What is it?> This mod allows you to hold your police radio on your shoulder by pressing a button(L) It also enabled a radio sound effect when the animation plays.<

    Install> Just drag and drop the "Police Radio On Command.dll" file into your scripts folder, if you dont have a scripts folder in your gtav directory,
    you can create one by creating a new folder named "scripts"<

    How do i change the button?> Change the button in the .ini file.


    Version 1.0> Just released the mods no bugs found yet currently working on a .ini file for V1.2<

    Version 1.1> added a new .ini file fo you to change the button<

    Bugs> None found<

    Credits: ShadoFax for creating the script/idea of the mod, mcal9909 for making this mod possible (explained me 99% of how to script all this)



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  2. share Simple Trainer for GTA V

    Various options normal to any trainer, the world's simplest speedometer, either in KM/H or MP/H or both, 60 Teleporting options that can be customized using the trainerv.ini, 12 vehicle spawning options assigned to hotkeys, which also can be customized using trainer.ini, all other car models can be spawned by using the menu. you can force a default station in each vehicle you enter, or when using the mobile radio, both configurable in game and using the trainer.ini You can change your player model using the menu.

    It also features time and weather options, and a bunch of car options Also any predefined teleport slot can be customized in game, overwriting the predefined values

    The trainer also includes bodyguard /ped spawning, any model can be spawned, any weapon can be given , defaults in trainer.ini, these can also be altered using the bodyguard menu in game. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the player can be spawned. Normal peds can be given a total of ten tasks. You can assign the same tasks to the last spawned ped. You can set the bodyguards to follow you in a car. You can also select a specific ped and do stuff on the selected ped.

    The trainer includes the mobile radio, which works outside of the car, all features that are available with the normal radio, also work with the mobile radio.

    Trainer.ini contains the defaults section, where you can set certain settings to be enabled on game start.

    More information and installation instructions available in the ReadMe.

    Changes from 11.0
    -Support for 1868.4 (Epic games) 
    -this has been tested to work with the openhook, with Rage in combination with asisupport and with a hook made by kenny wall which I would recommend
    as the native support is probably best in this hook:
    -For full support, one needs to wait for Blade to release his hook for this version, if something does not work on either of the three alternatives hooks, not ask me, I fully support Blade's hook..
    -A few small fixes, for people that don't like the No Vehicles funtion deleting spawned vehicles, enable vehicle blips, or do not use the function.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.1
    -Few small changes related to the yachts, which makes them work correctly even if Blade's hook is not used.
    -Added maps for the spawned yachts, and thanks to Alex 106 (I borrowed the coords from your script)
    I added maps for the Aircraft Carrier, the Heist yacht and the Gun-running yacht. The spawned yachts will work only when spawned, the rest only when the option show zancudo and prison is enabled.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.2
    -Added ability to manually enter weapon components in game.
    -Added ability to manually define weapon components for added weapons, ini addedweaponcomponents See the provided examples, total of 200 components.
    -Fixed some issues with spawned vehicles disappearing when no cars was enabled. When no cars was enabled, and you would spawn a vehicle without entering it automatically or when
    you loaded a saved vehicle, the vehicle would disappear within a few seconds. I have implemented a system where those cars are simply persistent. Once you spawn a new car, or when you
    load a new saved car, the previous will be made "unpersistent" and will disappear just as normally. When you do not use the no cars function, or when you enabled vehicle blips (which means
    all vehicles are presistent) this has no effect.
    -fix vehicle will now also extinguish any fires.
    -added the Director Selector (trailer) in teleports menu.

    Ini Changes:
    Added Section addedweaponcomponents at the bottom of the file, just copy to your existing ini, or if you do not plan on using it, leave it.

    Changes from 11.3
    -added 15 vehicles
    -added one teleport
    -adjusted for latest patch

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.4
    -changed Nitro to have boost. The nitro works a little different, you hold X and as long as you hold it Nitro will work, release and it stops.
    -added new wheel category (Street Wheels).
    -added 13 vehicle emblems.
    -added 552 objects.
    -added 2 Arcade machines.
    -added 2 trophies in Arcarde.
    -added 35x2 T-shirts.
    -added 2 Voices and 186 Speeches.
    -added 110 animations.
    -added 7 Timecycles.

    Changes from 11.5
    -added new tuning category Louvers/Snorkels in vehicle mod menu (Benny).
    -changed Nitro again, to be more like how it worked before, it is still not perfect, but it will have to do for now,
    you engage with pressing x (not holding) and disengage by pressing x again or when it runs out. Sound is back.
    -ability to enter space and - when entering ped names....
    -No Trains, will be saved to ini
    -Alternative no cars, put nocars2=1 in defaults section of trainerv.ini, you still need to enable no cars in game.
    -removed the MP summer teleport page, as the yacht has been added to the yacht teleports as the 37th yacht, full support, just like the other yachts.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.6
    -Fixed the external map and interior maps for the 37th Yacht.
    -Fixed a problem with the Yatch Tv's.
    -Added radio near the Jaccuzi, on the bow, near the bridge and on the second deck, for all 37 yachts. Also the radio state and station is saved when you select save yacht to ini.
    -Fixed a tiny problem with Jacuzzi teleport position when the Orion Yacht was selected.
    -Added 10 more added Vehicle pages, bringing the total to 1600 !
    -Added 3 more Teleporting and Teleporting Save Menu pages, you can now save up to 210 teleporting locations.
    -Trainer will be compatible with latest patch (1.0.2060.1).
    -Ability to spawn cars fully tuned, option on the second vehicle options page, will be saved when save to ini is used.
    -Changed the Vehicle Spawn Keys, There were already 12 vehicle spawns, (LALT+A and so on) which would allow you to assign a specific vehicle model to it,
    I have added 13 more which will load Vehicle save slot 3-15, (1 and 2 are already assigned to a keycombination). This gives you the choice in game to determine
    what model is spawned by using the key, but also exactly what tuning options are applied to it.
    So just to be clear:
    LALT+A until LAlT+G remain unchanged Ini Slot 1 - Ini Slot 7
    LALT+H until LALT+L new using Vehicle Save Slot 3 - Vehicle Save Slot 7
    LALT+M until LALT+N unchanged Ini Slot 8 - Ini Slot 9
    LALT+O until LALT+Q new using Vehicle Save Slot 8 - Vehicle Save Slot 10
    LALT+R Unchanged Random Vehicle
    LALT+S new using Vehicle Slot 11
    LALT+T until LALT+U Unchanged Ini Slot 10 - Ini Slot 11
    LALT+V until LALT+W new using Vehicle Save Slot 12 -Vehicle Save Slot 13
    LALT+X Unchanged Ini Slot 12
    LALT+Y until LALT+Z new using Vehicle Save Slot 14 - Vehicle Save Slot 15
    And yes, you can define the keys for the new ones as well, add Spawn13Key1 until Spawn25key2 to keybindings section of the ini.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.7
    -Fixed my fix for Yacht TV, was developed and working fine under rage+asisupport,did not work under SHV 😞
    -Fixed a problem with Yacht Teleporting and the Radio.
    -Added Scripted SP and MP IPL's, other teleports.
    -Added 3 more Added Weapons menus, bringing the total to 200 added weapons.

    No ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.8
    -Fixed the nitro ability bar.
    -Changed the save vehicle car color menu in the vehicle color menu to Save Load Vehicle Color Menu, 3 menus to save or load a total of 75 slots.
    -Fixed a few tv's (casino penthouse, hangar, player facility and maybe a few others).
    -Various other small fixes.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 11.9
    -support for the latest patch
    -added 21 Vehicles, 5 have vehicle emblems.
    -added 51 Peds.
    -added 3 Weapons.
    -added MP Heist4 Teleports menu (including the Island).
    -added three more yacht locations.
    -added 31 cutscenes
    The rest (objects, animations, voices, overlays) will come in a later version.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 12.0
    -added 2816 objects, Object list 3, objects 59, you can of course also use search.
    -added 25.776 animations.
    -added 24 voices and 3472 speeches.
    -added 33 tattoos and 67 t-shirts.
    -added 43 Timecycles.
    -added 6 walkingstyles.
    -added some stuff on the island (whale, sea-mines, etc).
    -added option Cayo Perico toggle, this will not teleport you to the island, but will enable the island (and disable Los Santos),
    of course you can disable the island which will enable Los Santos.
    -added rotating lights, ceiling lights, the screen and dry ice in the new night club.
    -prevented animals and cs/csb models from being included in random bodyguard spawns.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 12.1
    -Made the Music Locker fully customizeable. It's the same as the original nightclub, minus a few things that
    are not there (office).
    -If you choose No DJ, you can now go up to the dj booth, and switch between all stations in the game.
    This has also been done for the old Nightclub. Station will be saved when you save the interior.
    -Ability to set the light rig color independent of the DJ, both for the old Nightclub and the Music Locker.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 12.2
    -ability to have both Los Santos and the Island loaded together.
    Map and water switching should happen automatically based on distance.
    this will also save when save all settings is used.
    -removed the Cayo Perico toggle because of the above.
    -added a radio in the submarine
    -added map on the submarine table (thanks to CruelmasterMC).
    -various fixes for the three added yachts and for the two nightclubs.
    -fixes to cleanup for various render targets.
    -fixed the crewemblem for italirsx.

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 12.3
    -fixed an issue when someone would first use the normal teleport option, and then enabled both islands....

    No Ini Changes.

    Changes from 12.4
    -when you chose the option to have Cayo Perico together with Los Santos, I now show both maps at the same time.
    with the exception of when you are inside an interior or on a yacht. (if you have the reveal fort zandcudo option enabled).
    -ability to open the mansion doors on the island.
    -I know about the airport hangar missing the interior, I have tried serveral things but it does not want to load.
    You can still visit the interior, but you first have to disable the Cayo/LS both option and then use the normal teleport option to Cayo Perico.

    No Ini Changes.


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  3. share Dogfight: War Mod & Drivable Carrier with Working Elevators

    Dogfight 4.6.0

    The following models are involved:
    Aircraft carrier group with support ships and submarine.
    Tanks & APC.
    Bombers & fighter jets.
    Attack helicopters
    Cargo planes, helicopters, and LCAC, all with cargo
    Planes Refueling Tanker

    Gameplay either one of the missions or arcade.
    200+ models supported. All controlled by NPC with their scenarios specific to the class of vehicle. You can select allies and enemy models in menu.
    Both player and NPC, planes take-off, and landing, bombers drop bombs.
    You can spawn in a cargo plane or helicopter and drop in the vehicle from the cargo bay with a parachute or walk inside the cargo bay while the aircraft is on autopilot.
    NPC will eject with parachute if about to be hit with the missile.
    Paratroopers will jump from transport plane or helicopter and attack if you dwell.
    Radar shows active missiles, all tanks, helicopters, and planes.
    There are NPC who support the player and play against the other NPC.
    You can turn on the autopilot and land or go to waypoint and circle around.
    You can turn switch seat in vehicle to any and shoot while autopilot or chauffeur drives or flies you around.
    IR flares countermeasures on planes and helicopters divert and cause missiles to explode. NPC will shoot flares to protect against your missiles.
    Bomber mode with four different bomb types and three camera modes.
    Afterburners on all jets player and NPC that correctly throttle.
    Fire extinguishing on the engine that stops the engine while operates.
    You can refuel jet in flight.
    All weapons range increased
    Vehicles can sustain more damage.
    All cars have a parachute.

    Carrier features:
    Carrier and support ships have air defense
    You can operate its elevators, bay door, roll-up doors, garage doors.
    Working catapults, and deflector shields, funnels.
    It can drop anchor and raise it, all controlled by the player.
    You can drive a carrier. Carrier group will follow.

    There are few spawn sequences for the carrier:
    Deck fighter jets spawn in the cargo bay. Airtug with worker gets them to the elevator. The elevator goes up to the deck, and the pilot drives to catapult, the deflector shield goes up, the deck air worker gives the go-ahead, the plane takes off with catapult and vapor — all above for player and NPC.
    You can spawn in a tank in the cargo bay, and the driver would drive to the elevator, get down the elevator and board the LCAC.

    The mod's original config is more suitable for air combat, and I can fly for 10+ minutes without being hit. If you spawn as a bomber, then the air and ground warfare is much more straightforward.
    The mod works with more than 200 models. So you can change your favorites to less destructive or more durable ones in the mod menu. You can also set how many jets, helicopters, and surface vehicles you need in the same menu.
    When you take off from the military base, look back all the time, then the lazer won't spawn.

    If you want different controls, just change them in the settings.json:

    Changes in 4.6.0:
    Added two new mission types, Heli Convoy and Plane Squadron.
    Adjusted air defense vehicles offset from the airstrip.
    Fixed bug when carrier position were adjusted during elevator take-off sequence.

    Changes in 4.5.0:
    Better catapult sequence.
    Do not close deflector if NPC jet takes-off.
    Check if player in water during the take-off and reset.
    Moved the plane from the path when board LCAC. Need to update carrierdf.ymap.
    Check if the boat in the water when collides before remove.
    Immediately delete collided vehicles. In water.
    Now always 6 defense vehicles in mission.
    Finish mission when select arcade.
    Adjust carrier position if not perfect after move.

    Changes in 4.4.0:
    Fixed and completely reworked broken NPC take-off sequence. Support NPC will now take-off from the carrier when you get close. Need to update carrierdf.json

    Changes in 4.3.0:
    Random mission game type added.
    Restarting the mission after the timeout.
    Only count mission complete if most killed by the player.
    Delete boats if they collide to prevent lags and crashes (some models have issues).
    Select boat convoy spawn position away from carrier group to prevent collision.
    Added pause before driving back airtug for more realism.
    Fixed "jump" of the jet when loading the elevator. Need to update carrierdf.json
    Added another jet to lower deck. Need to update carrierdf.ymap

    Changes in 4.2.0:
    Added new mission type: Destroy Boat Convoy.

    Changes in 4.1.0:
    Added new mission type: Destroy Enemy Convoy.

    Changes in 4.0.0:
    Added mission gameplay, now selectable in the mod menu instead of Spawn Type.
    Two gameplay types, old Arcade and new Mission: Destroy Defense.
    DELETE the Dogfight.bin or game will crash on start.
    Enemy boat model selection added.
    Completely changed lower deck elevator loading for more realistic take-off. Need to update carrierdf.json.
    Updated deck taxi for perfect catapult alignment for more realistic take-off.
    Fixed deck jet wings if fold wings model.
    Removed elevator and door control from menu, now controlled by the same control as get in cargo.

    Changes in 3.7.1:
    Fixed deck worker freeze gesture and position.
    Fixed vapor animation abrupt ending at take off.

    Changes in 3.7.0:
    Added second ped for the catapult attachment control for more realistic take-off.

    Changes in 3.6.0:
    Fixed bug in check of the height for newly spawned npc that caused huge pauses in the gameplay. Now works perfectly responsive to player actions.
    Made more realistic vapor effect for the take-off sequence.
    Enemies numbers are red in menu now.
    Keep engine stopped continiously during the extinguishing.

    Changes in 3.5.1:
    Decreased rate of shooting for the helicopters.
    Spawn only different support ship models when available.

    Changes in 3.5.0:
    Separated player update in a thread, vastly improved responsiveness.
    Made all activity to interrupt if player selected a menu action for much better responsiveness.
    Turning off the engine while extinguishing fires.
    Fixed bug when dead LCAC cargo won't detach and remains alive and invincible.
    Fixed bug when afterburners not update after creation.
    Fixed bug when afterburners not stop when killed or in water.
    Fixed bug that didn't upgrade the player vehicle armor.
    Fixed bug when didn't gave vehicle parachute.

    Changes in 3.4.1:
    Fixed bug in the check on the vehicle health.
    Restore carrier deck and cargo vehicles positions if moved.
    Spawn player jet as the deck aircrafts if not too wide, need to update carrierdf.ymap.

    Changes in 3.4.0:
    Increased distance from player for NPC jet spawn.
    Spawn player jet as the deck aircrafts if not too wide, need to update carrierdf.ymap.
    Decreased enemy heli shoot chance for better gameplay.
    Increased pauses between enemy spawns for better gameplay.
    Decreased help display pause to match the actual duration.
    Hide anchor extra when anchored to prevent double anchor.

    Changes in 3.3.0:
    Added Dassault Mirage 2000-5, Grumman Seaplane, Cessna AT-37 Dragonfly, A-10A Thunderbolt II, EMB 326 Xavante, need to update models.json and settings.json.

    Changes in 3.2.6:
    Fixed bug when afterburners still active if on fire or in water.
    Remove blips on radar more frequently.
    Fixed bug when vehicle remains invincible after lcac unload.

    Changes in 3.2.5:
    Added vehicles to cargo bay. Need to update carrierdf.json.
    Optimized work with ticks for better time tracking.

    Changes in 3.2.4:
    Optimized distance calculations using vector magnitude.
    Fixed bug that caused enemies attack during the spawn or refueling.
    Fixed bug when enemy LCAC didn't unload cargo when close to you.
    Fixed bug when surface enemy not shoot you if you further than 100 meters from them
    Removed unused code from air defense.

    Changes in 3.2.3:
    Fixed bug when amphibious vehicles don't have escort.
    Entire carrier group is moved to new location instead of deleting and re-spawning.

    Changes in 3.2.2:
    Fixed bug when cargo plane will fall while you in cargo bay.
    Fixed LAV AD, BTR-90, BTR Zhuk handling so it is amphibious.
    Added LAV AD, BTR-90, BTR Zhuk as water models, need to update models.json and settings.json.

    Changes in 3.2.1:
    Made player not targetable by enemies while take-off.
    Create carrier deck aircrafts after boarding LCAC.
    Fixed Ka-50 and Ka-52 handling so NPC can control them.

    Changes in 3.2.0:
    Added 337/O-2 Cessna Skymaster, MH-47G Chinook as attack model. Need to update models.json.
    Fixed weapons for Bell OH-58 Kiowa, HA-1 Hable, UH-1D Huey, UH-1Y Venom, UH-60L Black Hawk, AH-6 Little Bird.
    Fixed weapons and handling for Ka-50 and Ka-52.
    Speed up the spawning and start of the gameplay.
    Fixed LCAC unloading when stopped.
    Fixed crash in deletion ready check and optimized dead checks.
    Fixed Dassault Rafale M deck take-off sequence.
    Revised list of hand weapons.Need to update models.json
    Paratroopers attack while dropped.
    Completely reworked logging.

    Changes in 3.1.2:
    Fixed bug when delete of the vehicles were not working after initial board LCAC sequence.
    Fixed bug when planes and heli often spawn below the surface.
    Fixed bug when player peds jump out of the vehicle while chauffeur.
    Fixed crash in vehicle thrust increase function.
    Made LF-22 Starling a bomber. Need to update models.json.

    Changes in 3.1.1:
    Added Ka-50 Black Shark and CH-46E Seaknight models support. Need to update models.json.
    Fixed bug when helicopters were not attacking enemies with rockets.
    More frequent wanted level clearance so player not becomes wanted.
    Updated the deck vehicles to F/A-18F Super Hornet from EA-18G Growler, need to update carrierdf.ymap.
    Removed unnecessary subdom model offset.
    Removed heli escort as it basically replicates the support heli behavior.

    Changes in 3.1.0:
    Added support for 18 new models. Need to update models.json & settings.json.
    Models added: P-45 Nokota, LF-22 Starling, Valkirie, Valkirie MOD.0, F-15C Eagle, F/A-18C Hornet, F/A-18F Super Hornet, Fiat G.91, Dassault Rafale M, A-29B S Tucano Rockets, A-29B S Tucano Piranha, A-29B S Tucano GBU Pavway, Bell OH-58 Kiowa, HA-1 Hable, UH-1D Huey, UH-1Y Venom, UH-60L Black Hawk, AH-6 Little Bird.
    Added more different jet blips for radar.
    Fixed bug when paratrooper planes and helis fall from the sky.

    Changes in 3.0.5:
    Fixed deletion of all the carrier attachments so it can start move right after the anchor is rised.
    Sow message and loading spinner while carrier re-spawns at the new position if you moved far away.
    Fixed LCAC offset from the carrier for the better boarding.
    Decreased timeout for the LCAC boarding so gameplay starts sooner.
    Using different native if chauffeur have to drive further than 1000 meters for better navigation.
    Using different native for heli autopilot for better navigation.
    Increased maximum speed for chauffeur.
    Fixed deletion of the objects.

    Changes in 3.0.4:
    Carrier group now follows carrier using AI.
    Anchor is no longer stick out in the sea after raising.

    Changes in 3.0.3:
    Escort will only shoot if target in direct line of sight.
    Heli autopilot or chauffeur will wander if no waypoint set.
    Up force no longer applyed for paratroopers, so drop looks more natural.
    If you kill transport heli or plane now it will count against the score.
    Paratroopers won't drop if already dead.

    Changes in 3.0.2:
    Rotated offset axis for paratroopers for more natural drop.
    Made escort driver shoot enemies.
    Improved cauffeur driving style.

    Changes in 3.0.1:
    Fixed offset from vehicle for more natural paratroopers drop.
    Reduced drop height so paratroopers land faster.

    Changes in 3.0.0:
    If you dwell or move slow on the ground, the transport plane or heli will drop the paratroopers.
    MH-47G Chinook, NH-90, C-130H Hercules models support added. Need to update
    Correct vehicle rotation when boarding LCAC sequence.
    No need to wait elevator go up when boarding LCAC sequence.
    Fixed bug when called wrong native for the maps loading.
    Parachuting peds no longer die from collision with heli rotor.

    Changes in 2.7.0:
    If you drive ground vehicle or heli, now you'll have an escort/campanion. Can disable in settings.json
    Better driving style for autopilot and chauffeur.
    No longer vehicle overlap when boarding LCAC sequence.
    Dead enemies blips stay grey.

    Changes in 2.6.2:
    Added support for Anihilator, CH-53 Sea Stallion (2 versions), HH-60G Pave Hawk, MQ-1 Predator, MQ-9 Reaper, WL-1 Wing Loong 1 models. Need to update models.json and carrierdf.ymap.
    Display actually fallback models for the cargo in menu.

    Changes in 2.6.1:
    Added support for AC-130U Spooky II model. Need to update models.json

    Changes in 2.6.0:
    Added support for 24 new models. Need to update models.json and settings.json
    Models added: Half Truck, Insurgent Custom, Nightshark, Technical Custom, Barrage, Caracara, Speedo Custom, Menacer, AAVP-7A1, Boxer GTK, M142 HIMARS, BTR-80 Zhuk, GAZ Tigr, GAZ Tigr v2, SPM-3 Medved, T-84BM Oplot, ZIL-131 BM-21 Grad, Type 10 MBT, Type 74 MBT, EE-T1 Ozorio, CB90H Brazil, MC-27J USAF, MC-27J RAF, MC-27J RAAF
    Chauffeur now uses roads.
    Added screen notifications for autopilot and change seat.

    Changes in 2.5.0:
    Changed pacify control to landing and change seat. Now it's L update settings.json
    While in plane press L to change to passenger seat and task autopilot land or go to waypoint.
    While in heli or ground or water vehicle press L to change to passenger seat and task autopilot or chauffeur go to waypoint.
    While in vehicle, press L to toggle between seats.
    On foot, aim at any plane and press L, and it will land on the airstrip closest to you. Use sniper rifle for far away targets.
    On foot, aim at any heli and press L, and it will land next to you.
    On foot, aim at any vehicle/bike or boat and press L, and it will drive to you.
    You can now control the camera while refuel.
    Optimized code that searches for the closest airstrip.
    Updated help menu to include a new command.
    Fixed bug when changed player model with the same one.

    Changes in 2.4.0:
    Completely reworked NPC landing. Need to update the settings.json
    Added 3 scarab models. Need to update models.json
    Fixed bug that didn't upgrade vehicle weapons.
    Fixed C-5 Galaxy wrong cargo doors bug.

    Changes in 2.3.0:
    Improved take-off sequence. More frequent checks for smoother catapult lock.
    Fixed huge memory leak caused by copied json.
    Finally disabled the phone while the menu opened.
    Added avenger support as an osprey fallback model.

    Changes in 2.2.2:
    Improved take-off sequence. Removed checks for missiles while take-off.
    Fixed bug with cargo spawn at spawn positions.
    Additional log coverage.

    Changes in 2.2.1:
    Improved take-off sequence. Need to update carrierdf.json
    Jet wheels no longer in the air when elevator goes up for models with rotation.
    If jet has fold up wings, they completely fold in cargo bay.
    Corrected the catapult offset from the jet wheel.
    Corrected the airtug offset from the jet wheel.
    Jet now has correct rotation while taxi in the cargo bay.
    Coorrected jet rotation while catapult.
    Removed unnecessary down force from jet when elevator goes up.

    Changes in 2.2.0:
    Completely reworked refueling. UPDATE models.json OR GAME WILL CRASH.
    Upgrading all the enemy vehicles if they have mods like rockets and guns.
    Disabled ragdoll on player so it not fall from the cargo bay.
    Fixed bug in jet model detection that caused refuel sequence not start.

    Changes in 2.1.4:
    Fixed bug with premature landing gear retraction when take-off from the airstrip.
    Removed initial spawn point next to city airport as it's crashing.
    Changed all friendly blips color to blue.

    Changes in 2.1.3:
    Added Akula, Sea Sparrow, Tula, Pyro, Molotok, Khanjali models support. Need to update models.json and settings.json.
    Added vehicle texture mods support.
    Added vehicle weapon mods support.

    Changes in 2.1.2:
    Fixed issue with vector initialization in flares.
    Turning off the radio when enter the vehicle.
    Fixed issue when wings unfold prematurely during the take off sequence.
    Fixed issue when enemy models not update if change after their initial spawn.

    Changes in 2.1.1:
    Optimized flares
    Enemies drop flares.
    Changed model names. Need to update models.json
    Fixed bug where vehicle from sequence not detaches from the LCAC
    Increased plane mass for better take off sequence

    Changes in 2.1.0:
    Enemy models selection in menu. IF INSTALLED BEFORE, REMOVE Dogfight.bin file from Grand Theft Auto V\Dogfight\ folder OR MOD WILL CRASH ON START
    Set tank invincible while boarding the LCAC.
    Made mod menu much more responsive.

    Changes in 2.0.16:
    Ordered all the models by country and generation. Need to update models.json.
    Added Su-35S, F-16C and EA-18G. Need to update models.json & settings.json.
    Synchronizing player speed with vehicle so not drops off from the cargo bay.
    Added jet afterburner throttle support for the Xbox controller.
    Fixed crashes when stopping the mod.
    Clean up everything when stop the mod.
    Detach cargo vehicle when LCAC is destroyed so it can continue fight.

    Changes in 2.0.15:
    Fixed issue with model names. Need to update models.json.
    Fixed bug when air workers are not removed.
    Fixed bug in surface models detection.
    Fixed ground, water and heli models selection.
    Fixed bug when wrong number of water models got read from settings.

    Changes in 2.0.14:
    Removed annoying flying music.
    Turn off the radio for all the vehicles.
    Better refueling sequence offsets.
    Explode missiles, so they are not affect you while refueling.

    Changes in 2.0.13:
    Fixed driving carrier bug when NPC planes spawn in cargo.
    Better refueling plane offsets.

    Changes in 2.0.12:
    Fixed Tu-160 spawning at airstrip.
    NPC no longer spawn and attack while player refuel.
    Better refueling sequence.

    Changes in 2.0.11:
    Fixed NPC deck spawn sequence crash caused by deleted deflector.
    Fixed crash while driving carrier with the support group caused bu null pointer.
    Fixed broken drive carrier if had different spawn type.
    Fixed bugs in the refueling.
    Added cinematic mode while refueling.

    Changes in 2.0.10:
    Completely changed radar
    Changed enemy color to red.
    Flying enemies have circle around indicating height above (blue) or below (green) the player.
    Reduced radar update interval.
    Updating radar during taxi.

    Changes in 2.0.9:
    Fixed issue with timings by changing to milliseconds from frames.(Need to update settings.json & carrierdf.json)
    Changed dead enemy color to dark grey.
    Cinematic view of the model when spawn.
    Increased slow planes thrust not to fall after spawn.

    Changes in 2.0.8:
    Fixed crash when attack null pointer ped.
    Simplified menu.
    Saving settings selected in menu.
    Saving menu state.

    Changes in 2.0.7:
    Changed all timeouts to be based on ticks per second.
    Removed collision while taxi to elevator.
    Increased NPC driver ability and aggressiveness.
    Fixed missile blip color proximity indication.
    Added blips for flares.
    Optimized LCAC cargo look up.
    Jets now start with highest speed.
    Fixed cargo detach bug when drop with parachute.
    Fixed bomber camera bug on respawn.
    Optimized player vehicle update code.

    Changes in 2.0.6:
    Completely reworked flares. Now fired from flare gun. Attract the missiles themselves. Need to update settings.json
    Optimized missile update code as no need to track anymore.

    Changes in 2.0.5:
    Highscore saved to file.
    Added Cycle and Same spawn types in menu.

    Changes in 2.0.4:
    Fixed tank model spawn.
    Fixed boat model spawn.
    Changed menu and help labels for clarity.

    Changes in 2.0.3:
    Improved score display.
    Possibly fixed the flying carrier issue that some people experience.
    Optimized air defense performance.
    Fixed crashes in air defense.
    Optimized door toggle code.
    Fixed bug when wrong ped handle was used.
    Fixed heli updates bug to enable them.
    Fixed crashes in heli updates.
    Optimized code for heli updates.
    Increased log coverage.
    Peds will rappel if model supports it.
    Reduced help delay and speed up the startup.
    Fixed looped flares removal bug that caused crashes.
    Optimized blip updates.
    Optimized game vehicle updates.
    Fixed crash when non existing door operated.
    Fixed bomber and cargo menu spawn.
    Fixed incorrect usage of the speed vector.
    Changed cargo and tanker blips to white.

    Changes in 2.0.2:
    Improved score display.
    Cash prizes for every killed enemy.
    Fixed looped retracting landing gear bug.
    Fixed removal of all game vehicles and peds on mod stop.
    Fixed incorect time calculation for the score.

    Changes in 2.0.1:
    Improved score display.
    Added highscore.
    Fixed NPC deck spawn sequence.
    Fixed crash in NPC deck spawn sequence.
    Fixed YMAP loading bug in NPC spawn sequence.
    Fixed wrong parachute texture bug.
    Fixed drop bombs bug when checked not current vehicle.
    Removed unnecessary checks for ticks and timeouts.
    Removed unused code.

    Changes in 2.0.0:
    Simplified installation. Instructions updated.
    New mod startup to set parameters first.
    Model selection in the menu.
    Number of enemies set up via the menu also during the run time.
    Multiple start points across the island (airport location is buggy).
    Adjusted safety position for the catapult worker.
    Improved model loading.
    Changed from time to ticks, improved performance.
    Lazy load of the career group. Spawn as you play.
    Removed unnecessary pauses. Improved responsiveness.
    Removed unnecessary code. Improved performance.
    Removed unnecessary control checks Improved responsiveness and performance.
    Fixed crash for the slow-moving carrier.
    Fixed multiple deletions for the player vehicle that could cause crashes.
    Improved elevator creation.
    Created a separate class for the player ped to reuse, improved resource usage.
    Improved delete manager performance.
    Updated control types to unsigned to prevent bugs.
    Removed unnecessary variables for the application of force.
    Improved particle loading.
    Removed unnecessary native calls.
    Fixed issues when only the current vehicle was checked for peds and the player.
    Improved model unloading.
    Optimized menu rendering code.
    Use thread-safe type for ticks.
    Fixed mismatched types for logging that caused crashes.
    Fixed model id returned type to prevent crashes.
    Optimized mod update loops to improve performance.
    Major code refactoring to improve stability and performance.

    Changes in 1.5.7:
    Fixed cargo bay to elevator taxi arcs, need to update carrierdf.json.
    Fixed spawn at the airstrip. Need to update settings.json.
    Fixed airtug operator driving out to the water.
    Optimized air defense checks.
    Fixed null pointer model field access that caused random crashes.
    Fixed duplicate model field that caused crashes.
    Removed sign function and incorrect usage.
    Added wait times for proper initial load if don't have enough resources.
    Added control checks in the delete manager for better responsiveness.
    Removed unnecessary blip deletion in the delete manager.
    Changed model name label offset on the screen to match GTA UI.
    Removed FPS checks from log to increase performance.
    Optimized missile update code.
    Fixed bug in the controls switch and improved performance.
    Optimized afterburners update code.
    Optimized player update code.
    Optimized flares update code.
    Only update player ped if model mismatch.
    Added scenic launch.
    Removed unnecessary checks for the active pause menu.
    Only check system time once in 10 ms to improve performance.

    Changes in 1.5.6:
    Removed buggy mid-island spawn position.
    By default carrier has no funnels.
    Printing model name on spawn.
    Fixed bugs on vapors that caused memory leaks.
    Added cinematic camera on spawn.
    Now aircraft carrier map not loads if YMAP props are disabled to improve resource usage.
    Added delay for the aircraft carrier map as some experience crashes.
    Fixed helicopter blips to update.
    Only print help messages once per model type.
    Fixed NULL model name bug.
    Explode far away missiles.
    Fixed AWACS not respawning bug and moved to a separate class.
    Delete manager does not process entities while the player taxi for more responsiveness.

    Changes in 1.5.5:
    Added check for pressed controls in delete manager queue for better responsiveness.
    Less often show help messages and not keep old vehicle help in the queue.
    Fixed bug with surface vehicle spawn below the terrain.

    Changes in 1.5.4:
    Now boards cargo vehicle right after opening the LCAC bay doors.
    Added mod version to log.
    Changed help strings to static vectors to prevent a memory leak.
    Fixed crash in the random position method.
    Radar zoom updated once started as some mods modify it like Menyoo.
    Made messages for bomb models static to prevent memory leaks.

    Changes in 1.5.3:
    Removed unnecessary model loading.
    Removed unnecessary strings creation.
    Fixed crash caused by double deletion of the cargo driver.
    Optimized work with blips.
    Added deletion manager for entities, blips, and particles with queues.

    Changes in 1.5.2:
    Removed unnecessary pauses that caused crashes.
    Removed unnecessary offset for the funnels that could cause crashes.
    Added player ped as a parameter not to create everywhere and save resources.
    Added checks if the model has loaded to fix crashes.
    Optimized the vehicle deletion that caused crashes.
    Only push LCAC from the carrier if it's collided.
    Fixed bug where the wrong method to get the size of the vector was called and caused crashes.
    Added check for a null pointer in flares to prevent crashes.
    Removed excessive logging for the flares that caused crashes.
    Fixed parameter types in logging that could cause crashes.
    Fixed blip removal code that caused crashes.
    Fixed entities removal code that caused crashes.
    Fixed vapor code that caused memory leaks that could cause crashes.
    Fixed check if the model exists that caused crashes.
    Fixed crash in the model destructor.
    Fixed double removal of ped blip that caused crashes.
    Optimized flares update code.
    Fixed deletion of jets and surface vehicles that caused crashes.
    Fixed crash in check for model sprite if null model.
    Fixed jet blip update code.
    NPC LCAC now will unload on the land.
    Fixed crash caused by the null pointer surface driver.
    Fixed heli respawning and attack bug.
    Fixed vehicle deletion method that caused crashes.

    Changes in 1.5.1:
    Added full weapons list support for all the models to toggle vehicle weapons.
    Made carrier respawn again after get's destroyed.
    Fixed bug with incorrect particle vector size check for Extinguisher that could cause crashes.
    Added more logging.
    Optimized missile checks.
    Unload models.json right after initialization, improved memory usage.
    Moved tanker and AWACS model names into settings object to unload.
    Improved performance of player plane status update.
    Improved performance of all the game vehicles status update.
    Removed unused code.

    Changes in 1.5.0:
    This is the first non-beta release version, no more performance issues, and constant crashes, but still can improve.
    Mod no longer needs all models installed, it can work with any supported models you have.
    Simplified installation instructions and added PDF tutorial.
    Added RM-10 Bombushka support.
    Added deletion of unused objects that previously cause memory leaks.
    Added help messages if try to use features that have no supported models.
    Fixed bug that would cause afterburner creation on heli after the use of the extinguisher.
    Fixed bug that caused the support ships to rotate 360 degrees while driving the carrier.
    Fixed bug that caused blips not to remove if not the object owner.
    Fixed missiles tracking code that caused memory leaks.
    Further optimized control checks that lead to a performance boost.
    Fixed bug that caused a crash if only one water model installed.
    Removed unused code.
    Fixed bomb model selection memory leak.
    Fixed issue when the wrong variable was used that could cause bugs.
    Fixed issue with the wrong door indexes assignment for the cargo models.
    Fixed issue with the wrong cargo bay vehicle model creation.
    C5 Galaxy would now deploy landing gear while you fly in the cargo bay.
    Fixed bug when help won't show if the mod not started.
    Carrier will raise the anchor automatically when you drive it.
    Fixed bug that could cause the crash because of the double deletion of the player ped.
    Added check if the game is active to not initialize prematurely that could cause a crash.

    Changes in 1.4.0 beta:
    Made settings cached, JSON unloads after reading, lead to performance boost.
    Made control checks far less frequent and more efficient, lead to performance boost.
    Optimized air defense target checks, lead to performance boost.
    Optimized header files inclusions that should prevent potential bugs.
    Changed most of the types to unsigned to prevent potential bugs.
    Removed unnecessary checks for models if in use, lead to performance boost.
    Optimized model destructor, that caused crashes.
    Removed checks for non-game vehicles and peds, lead to a performance boost.
    Removed model recycling code that caused crashes.
    Fixed bug in a cargo attachment code that incorrectly identified the doors state.
    Optimized cargo attachment and detachment code, only check game vehicles, lead to performance boost.
    Made all cargo doors open when looking at them while inside the bay of flying cargo planes.
    Optimized door search code to work only with game vehicles, lead to a performance boost.
    Optimized pacify code to work only on game peds, lead to a performance boost.

    Changes in 1.3.0 beta:
    Changed all to string and vector, much less use of resources.
    Fixed duplications of strings to improve resource usage.
    Removed unused resources.
    Changed all to native container find functions which greatly improved performance.
    Changed initialization of the model hashes which gave the performance boost.
    Fixed bug and made afterburners restart after extinguished.
    Fixed bug when planes could shoot backward.
    Fixed bomb model change help message time out.

    Changes in 1.2.1 beta:
    Fixed NPC boat collision issues with the carrier group.
    Optimized objects and entities clean up.
    Update blip color for the whole crew when parachute.
    Optimized loading and removal of the effects, also remove from entities.
    Fixed bug with dead heli appear in the air.

    Changes in 1.2.0 beta:
    Optimized work with deflectors, only created when operate.
    Optimized work with vectors that could previously cause crashes.
    Added additional logging.
    Added blips for parachuted peds.
    Stop afterburners if extinguisher activated.
    Finally fixed bug with tank spawn on startup.
    Added menu queue to show all the messages with some timeout between them.
    Fixed crash caused by double ped model unloading.
    Fixed work with strings in the menu that could cause crashes.
    Fixed wrong parameter type that could cause crashes.
    Added more often checks for vehicle type to prevent faulty behavior.

    Changes in 1.1.4 beta:
    Optimized work with elevators, only created when operate.
    Fixed crashes caused by null pointer elevator.
    Improved work with strings that could previously cause crashes.
    Added help timeout not to show too often
    Do not spawn NPC on the elevator if the player is too far.
    Fixed bug with tank spawn on startup.

    Changes in 1.1.3 beta:
    Increased NPC deck sequence spawn timeout to prevent early reset
    Added score display and calculation on respawn
    Added UP and DOWN menu controls and updated label for clarity
    Made extinguisher work on planes without exhaust bones
    Fixed ped counting for score attribution

    Changes in 1.1.2 beta:
    Fixed crash caused by non-existing blip removal
    Made air worker and airtug invincible and not reacting to explosions

    Changes in 1.1.1 beta:
    Fixed crash caused by null pointer ped.
    Fixed crash caused by double unloading of the model.
    Removed unused code.
    Added more logging.
    Fixed bug that caused cargo peds not to attack.
    Fixed crash caused by the deleting of non-existing vehicles.
    Changed spawn sequence to give the update priority to the player vehicle type.
    Changed label in the menu for clarity.

    Changes in 1.1.0 beta:
    Fixed crash caused by the null carrier pointer.
    Disabled companion feature as causes crashes.
    Decreased speed threshold for wing folding.
    Kill afterburners when jet destructed.
    Added player spawn timeout.

    Changes in 1.0.5 beta:
    Fixed reuse of all vehicles, not delete and spawn new, move closer if far away.
    Fixed crash for player respawn caused by not loaded model.
    Fixed crash for NPC respawns caused by not loaded model.
    Added more detailed logging.
    Fixed ReadMe.txt incorrect dlclist.xml instruction.

    Changes in 1.0.4 beta:
    Fixed crash for timed out submerged vehicles.
    Fixed crash for player respawn.
    Fixed double deletion of the jets that caused a crash.

    Changes in 1.0.3 beta:
    Fixed often changes of companion crew.
    Fixed issue with huge afterburners if warps to jet from the carrier.
    Fixed issue with a crash if fly close to the carrier in carrier only mode.
    Fixed crashes when trying to delete jet that is far away.
    Fixed deleting of all the vehicles when spawning as a new model.
    Added timeout to remove dead more often.
    Reduced timeout to reset carrier take-off sequence if NPC stuck.

    Changes in 1.0.2 beta:
    Added carrier only settings.
    Fixed issue when using the spawn menu while driving the aircraft carrier.

    You need to install these first:

    Script Hook V

    OpenIV 4.0

    Gameconfig (1.0.2060.0) for Limitless Vehicles V21.0

    CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster 1.0.1

    HeapAdjuster 1.0

    Packfile Limit Adjuster 1.1

    US Navy LCAC Hovercraft 1.0 (Required for boarding sequence)

    KC-135R Stratotanker 1.0 (Required for refueling)

    Next, install the Carrier model:

    1. Copy the "carrierdf" folder, which is in the "Carrier" folder, to "Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks."

    2. Using OpenIV edit Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.txt add this line in the bottom:

    < Item >dlcpacks:\carrierdf\< /Item >

    Next, install the mod:

    1. Copy the "Dogfight" folder, "Dogfight.asi," "irrKlang.dll," to the "Grand Theft Auto V" game folder.

    2. If you want to play with all the supported models, follow the instructions in "Models\ReadMe.txt."


    I'll greatly appreciate any feedback you have about the mod and what needs to be improved.
    If you have an issue with the mod, send me the log file using right after it crashes.
    Do not close the error dialog before copying the log. Log overwrites each run.
    Dogfight.log is in the Grand Theft Auto V / Dogfight / folder.

    Model authors: El Creador (Thank you for all the help with the carrier!), ApacheSS, CANAL EMBRAER GTA, Dragon777, fantazerrnd,
    FoxtrotDelta, Foxunitone, JohnMc, Hong Yi Team, Motors Garage, nathanjamesddg151, Stripemcr, Shadow Stormtrooper, SkylineGTRFreak, Voltrock.

    Special thanks: IronLad for help with testing the mod.

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